The science behind how a healthy, whole foods plant-based lifestyle can improve health outcomes is becoming increasingly well known in the mainstream, and two people who are making a huge impact in the growth of that awareness are Drs. Shobha and Arjun Rayapudi.

Speaker Series with the Drs. Rayapudi

Dr. Shireen Kassam, founder of Plant-Based Health Professionals UK was our October speaker for the Plant-Based Eating Speaker Series, and she spoke about the benefits of WFPB living for health, her journey with PBHPUK and more.

Speaker Series with Dr. Shireen Kassam

We were so excited to have Dr. Neal Barnard of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine come to the Speaker Series to give an informative and inspiring talk about hormone health and how a plant-based diet can impact it.

Speaker Series with Dr. Neal Barnard


As part of the Plant-Based Eating Support Network Group I ran between April 2020 and December 2022 I hosted a Speaker Series. We featured so many knowledgeable, inspiring people I decided to include some of the recordings here.

Dr Laura Chiavaroli talks to the Plant Based Eating Speaker Series about her research at the University of Toronto and St. Michael's Hospital with the Portfolio Diet, her work with Diabetes Canada and more.

Speaker Series with Dr. Laura Chiavaroli

Doug Evans is the author of The Sprout Book. He is passionate about the use of sprouts as an affordable, highly nutritious and accessible part of a plant-based lifestyle. In this talk he shares inspiration and practical tips for people who want to get sprouting!

Speaker Series with Doug Evans

Cookbook Author and Vegan Lawyer Anna Pippus joins the Plant-Based Eating Speaker Series to talk about her new cookbook, her organization Easy Animal Free and to share tips on how to make plant-based eating EASY and doable on a daily basis.

Speaker Series with Anna Pippus

Every 1-2 weeks I publish a video on my YouTube channel, In My Plant-Based Kitchen, and there are now close to 40 episodes available! In this series I talk about different plant-based cooking and nutrition topics, sharing tips, tools, recipes, inspiration, and answering questions. Have a question? Send it to me here.

Mushrooms are a powerhouse of nutrition. In this episode of In My Plant-Based Kitchen we cover:

- an overview of the helpful nutrients contained in mushrooms, and how they are helpful for health...see more

Episode 37 - Mushroom Magic - the power of mushrooms in a healthy diet

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